The Crocodile SS16

The shoot was not without disasters. For instance, the crew panicked when it discovered that our resort, Destiny, didn’t serve alcohol. The non-vegetarians panicked when they discovered that there weren’t chicken sandwiches at the location. Rains washed away half a day of shoot. A Range Rover driving us nearly broke down. 

But there was also this. Pristine nature all around us. Green hills sprawling in the distance. Serene, 'pretty as a postcard' lakes with mist rising off them. Thick forests of tall pines and clusters of wild flowers. Dark, steaming rocks. Skies with a fabulous shade of blue. And in the end that’s what came out in the final shots. The stunning beauty of Ooty’s hills, valleys and blue lakes. 
-Deepak Joshi 


The car that's going to make heads turn. A complete view of the Suzuki - Brezza

Vodafone Red

Shot in Pedraza, Spain a medieval village built in the thirteenth century.


The above shots are my personal work and were taken late at night around my farm house in Hosur.

Models:  Marija Milanovic  |  Ljiljana Lilly  |  Anya Danylenko

Make up:  Billy Bow

Styling:  Anil Hosmani

This surreal campaign was the idea created by stark communication. The images were put together by Aaron foster a pro at his work. The Dream Deals campaign won the Gold at the Maddys 2015.

©2015 SenthilPhotography